Hilary has done print and painting commissions for individuals and businesses throughout the Bay Area and across the country, and her unique pieces can be seen in homes and offices from San Francisco to New York. Each piece is tailored to meet the individual commissioner's vision and requests, and is lovingly handcrafted from start to finish with Hilary's particular aesthetic and knack for capturing a sense of mood and place. Hilary thoroughly enjoys working with her clients to ensure that each piece is as unique as the person commissioning it.


"After a job down the Peninsula and an increasingly active toddler encouraged my wife and I to move out of the city, we turned to Hilary to create a painting that would allow us to bring a little bit of our life in the City with us, wherever we go. She created a remarkable piece that captures both the physical buildings we loved and the emotional spirit of San Francisco."

Nick Leahy, San Francisco, 2012

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"Several years ago, I was lucky enough to happen upon Hilary’s work.  Last year, when my office redecorated and was in need of artwork, I immediately thought of Hilary.  The office is located in Silicon Valley and we wanted the artwork in the office to be in keeping with the spirit of the Valley.  We went to Hilary with little more than that rather vague sentence and a list of a few local spots that were relevant to our office.  When the painting arrived two months later, the energy in the office instantly elevated.  Everyone saw something different in the painting, everyone wanted to discuss their spin on its composition, and everyone seemed a little more excited about our space because of the new painting.   Hilary was great to work with (especially, when we had a slight issue with the painting that had to be addressed) and the painting continues to bring more joy to our office. " 

Allison Marrazo

Sun & South Bright Thoughts, 2012

Sun & South Bright Thoughts, 2012

"I recently commissioned Hilary to do a piece representing a vacation home in Lake Tahoe.  I sent Hilary pictures of the home but told her she had free reign in her interpretation. I could not have been happier. It was fabulous! This painting reminds us of what we can look forward to while waiting for our next vacation get-a-way."

Denise Castle, San Rafael, 2012


The first step in the process is to meet with Hilary in person or over the phone to discuss your ideas. During this meeting you will tell Hilary what specific images, buildings, landscapes or views you might like to have included in the piece, as well as what colors or mood you would like to have conveyed, motifs that you like in Hilary's work, and a size and orientation for the piece.  Hilary will then ask you to pick out at least 4 - 6 pieces of hers that you already like and to explain why you like them. This greatly helps her to see what you already like in her work and specific techniques that you are drawn to. It can also be very useful for thinking about color palette and compositions. Throughout these discussions Hilary will be taking detailed notes, but any notes from you are helpful as well. At the end of this discussion Hilary will put together a quote for you and collect a 50% deposit. As soon as she receives the deposit she gets to work on the commission. Each piece is typically completed in 6 - 10 weeks.

You may choose to get either a print or a painting commission. Prices vary depending upon size and complexity of the piece. Please contact Hilary for pricing quotes. 


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